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The Importance Of Daily Dental Care

When the tooth’s bruise grows closer to the pulp, the live layer in the tooth gets sick and becomes very sensitive. Self-starting pain, pain in the form of throbbing or pain with hot effect, swelling of the neck is the sign of inflammation. In the X-ray taken, the tooth’s carious condition or previously performed restorations are evaluated. In the past, although duct therapy is applied, there may still be discomfort with the tooth. Inflammation in the tooth with root-tip inflammation may not have improved despite duct therapy. This condition may require surgical intervention. If complaints are not passed despite any kind of treatment, tooth extraction may be proposed.

For the root canal treatment of inflammation and infection at the root end, and in spite of the recurrence of this treatment, or in the case of the presence of associated chronic pathology, the root tip called apical resection to make the relevant female and its environment healthy Treatment planning is performed in the form of taking inflamed tissue around it.

However, if the tooth is still alive, the inflammation is dried with antibiotics which the physician will propose first. The antibiotic treatment that is to be known here does not treat carious tooth, it only helps to eliminate the sensitivity of the tooth before the root canal treatment.

Antibiotic treatment begins with anesthesia in the tooth, which is purgated. The tooth’s carious tissue is cleaned and then teeth are formed to be able to enter the dental ducts. The female roots are cleaned so that they can be filled. The tooth is properly and tightly filled until the root ends. In some cases, canal treatment can be completed in 1-2 sessions, not in a single session. The doctor checks the course of the treatment at every stage by X-rays. At the end of the treatment, the finished X-ray is drawn to ensure that the channel is fully filled.

Duct therapy is one of the last stages before tooth extraction. Because no bridge or implant treatment can replace the actual tooth in the mouth, it may be possible to keep the patient’s own real tooth in the mouth with inflamed tooth duct treatment.

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