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Providing very detailed and valuable information to the dentist about teeth and jaw, radiographic imaging devices such as  panoramic, periapical, tomography designed with high technology, are dental equipments that provide very important contributions to the diagnosis and treatment processes in modern dentistry. In our clinics, all our dentists are aware and sensitive about patients not to receive radiation, even at low values, unless there is a significant need for diagnose and planning treatment.  X-ray imaging could be recommended in some conditions like when the routine dentist checkup is insufficient to diagnose or there is risk for serious caries or some undiagnosed and ongoing problems such as  pain or bleeding, when it is needed to plan orthodontic or surgical treatments or when more details are needed to evaluate a complicated situation about soft and hard tissue and nerves around jaws and all skull.

In the modern dentistry, there are different imaging devices that differ depending on the area they are viewing or the viewing dimensions. For example, in periapical imaging, a detailed view of one or two teeth is obtained, while in panoramic imaging, detailed imaging of the entire jaw is obtained. In tomography, also known as three-dimensional imaging device, a detailed image of both the chin and the skull is obtained. The doctor decides what kind of radiographic image is needed.

The radiation emission of X-ray imaging devices used in dentistry is low. Also, as the lead cover is worn during imaging, other areas of the body are also protected, so there should be no need to be worried for X-ray therapy. In addition, the dentist requests radiography by taking into account the patient’s  condition and possible risks.

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