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While the mysterious past of dentistry is enlightened with new discoveries, the findings continue to fascinate us. In Slovenia, a 6.5 year old human skeleton is found with a filling made of wax. Microscopic examination of the 14.000-year-old skeleton in the Dolomite mountains of Italy, revealed that an inflamed tooth was scraped and treated with flint.


Dentistry has gained crucial huge importance with its dizzying technological developments, since its impressive past. Applications such as Cad-Cam based digital dentistry, panoramic imaging and laser, have strengthened the success of treatments. Important surgical techniques have been developed in the field of advanced surgery and soft tissue fields, by methods such as grafts, sinus, flaps and implant placement made of titanium. Aesthetic applications such as zirconium, laminated, whitening allow us to regain our bones, teeth and smile.

We are pleased to meet with our patients because of this wonderful journey of dental surgery, aesthetics and restorative dentistry. We always wish that our roads intersect…

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