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The Importance Of Daily Dental Care

Prolonged neglect of daily dental care, the lack of advanced self-care habits for dental treatment brings important health problems, resulting in tooth decay and gum problems.

In the process of this deterioration that manifests itself with hot and cold sensitive teeth, tingling, aching and bleeding in the gums, the absence of treatment of the physician, continued neglect of dental care, the infection in the tooth and gums, such as kidney, heart Can cause significant health problems in all our organs, especially our vital organs. For this reason, it is important that the daily dental care habit is gained and dental care is done correctly.

Since brushing is important in daily dental care, the correct selection of the brush is important to use with the correct technique. The most suitable brush is the medium hardness brush. However, it is recommended to use soft brushes in people with improved tooth sensitivity. When small-head brushes are preferred, it is ensured that all teeth in the mouth are reached and the nausea reflex is controlled. Toothbrushes should be renewed every 3 months. The brush should be used without wetting.

The putty used in brushing up the brush is also important. There are abrasives that facilitate cleaning during brushing in toothpastes. It should be conscious about the amount of toothpaste used as the tooth surface can damage the tooth enamel, exposing it to an excessive amount of abrasive. Pastes with small abrassers are more suitable for maintenance. However, the size of the abrasive can not be known by the people who bought the paste, it is beneficial to replace the used toothpaste brand every time. Thus, it is not continuously subjected to the effect of an abrasive substance on a single brand. It is sufficient that the brush is the size of the lentil. Abrasives and carbonate sold with the name of tooth cake in the market should be avoided because of the high corroded effect. Pastes with fluoride content should be preferred.

The brushing process begins with the squeezing of the lentil-sized putty in the dry toothbrushes. Brushing from the gums to the tooth, 45 degree angle is maintained, circular movements are performed by. The back faces of the front teeth are cleaned with a brush. Then the chewed faces of the teeth are cleaned with movements back and forth. Avoid brushing from right to left in a horizontal direction as it erosts the tooth enamel.

It is recommended to use dental floss after brushing. Dental floss ‘ C ‘ shape is placed between the teeth to be cleaned of all individual teeth. The cleaning of the tooth is terminated by the rinse of the mouth with adequate water.

Care should be taken at least 2 times in the morning and in the evening before bedtime to clean the teeth properly. Frequent brushing of teeth during the day can also damage the tooth enamel, especially after the intermediate meals, the habit of the mouth to rinse with plenty of water should be gained. Excessive consumption of coffee, tea and cigarettes should be limited because of the negative impact on tooth enamel and gum health

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