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Invisalign treatment is an orthodontic treatment applied to correct the distortions and alignment in the teeth with clear aligners (transparent plaques) prepared in accordance with the teeth produced by digital technology. Today, the methods we use to correct minor distortions in the teeth include laminate veneers, orthodontic treatment and invisalign. However, the most preferred reason for invisalign is that it is not easy to recognize that orthodontic treatment is performed, it is not possible to do any abrasive cutting process from the teeth, and it is easy to clean, use and maintain.

Invisalign is a treatment that can be applied to both young people and adults, and after the dentist’s detailed examination, the decision to apply the treatment is made. Tooth distortions in the teeth are corrected with transparent plaque treatment, and the patient is given a much more aesthetic appearance.

The first step in the treatment of invisalign treatment is to take a dental impression by the dentist from the patient’s lower and upper jaw together with the intraoral, profile photos and x-ray film. These dimensions are transferred to the computer environment with the CAD-CAM system, which has a 3D scanning system, and the teeth are moved by computer simulation.

Thus, clear aligners  (transparent plaques) are produced serially according to the position the teeth are desired to move. Each clear aligner creates movement of 0.5 mm or 1 mm. Each of the specific number of plaques is attached throughout the day and after the specific day, it is passed to the other plaque.

Dentist checkups are performed once a n month, that is, after every 2 plaques are used, the dentist calls the patient for control Due to the strength exerted by the transparent plates, pain is felt when installing transparent plates at first. After a short time, the teeth adapt to the plaque. As a result of this adaptation, pain is no longer felt.

With this treatment that does not affect daily life, eating and drinking can be done easily by removing plaques. Because is not experienced any problems such as gingival discomfort or stinging of the gums patient’s comfort is maximized, and the alignment of the teeth without touching the teeth is corrected, thus giving a much more aesthetic smile. Therefore, detailed examinations and controls are very important to know what the patient wants.

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