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The best way to maintain oral and dental health is to check the dentist every 6 months and to provide daily oral hygiene.

Many teeth and gum diseases progress and cause unwanted results over time. In many cases, such as tooth decay, bleeding during brushing, the initial stages of diseases in daily life may not be noticed. Disorders such as bruxism and tooth grinding may not be recognized for long periods of time (unless there is excessive enamel loss due to abrasion and severe joint, muscle, head, neck and ear pain). However, a thorough intraoral screening with regular physician control ensures that diseases that threaten oral and dental health can be diagnosed at the initial stage, prevented or treated without any unwanted consequences such as loss of teeth. Knowing the patient’s anamnesis and genetic history by the physician ensures that possible genetic diseases are controlled and that the correct treatment plan is applied to the patient.

It is very important to have the habit of providing daily oral hygiene as another regular behavior for the protection of oral and dental health. Nutrition by oral and chewing system causes food residues to accumulate between and around the teeth. Bacteria multiply in the mouth using these nutrient residues. Failure to clean the mouth and teeth daily will cause bacteria to grow in the mouth and create a favorable environment for many diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Daily cleaning prevents the accumulation of nutrients on the teeth, between the teeth, between the teeth and gums, and prevents the development of caries and gum disorders due to the accumulation of nutrients. Teeth should be brushed at least 2 times in the morning and evening, after each required or possible meal. Especially as the mouth environment is dry at night, the reproductive environment is provided to bacteria as the washing effect of saliva decreases. For this reason, the habit of cleaning teeth before sleep should be gained strongly. If the last cleaning is done after last meal, the mouth should be rinsed with plenty of water before going to sleep.

There are many tooth cleaning and oral care products such as toothbrush, toothpaste, interface brush, dental floss, mouth shower, mouthwash. These products vary with brand and features. For example, floss, interface brushes are made before tooth brushing, cleaning the areas where the brush cannot enter, and mouthwash after brushing completes oral care. An important issue for correct teeth cleaning and oral care is to ensure that oral care is personalized by taking into consideration the characteristics of the products and apparatus to be used in dental cleaning after a one-to-one consultation with the dentist after the examination. Dental care products should be selected and applied according to the dentist’s advice.

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