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The alignment, frequency of the teeth in the mouth, harmony with each other are important for both smile aesthetics and performing functions such as chewing and speaking. Because the alignment problems of the teeth will differentiate chewing and speech, the patient may experience digestive system, communication and self-confidence problems.

Orthodontic problems, especially alignment problems that are not treated for a long time, often threaten the patient’s overall dental and gum health due to the inability to perform effective cleaning,

Orthodontic treatment is commonly known as braces. The alignments of the teeth, their frequencies are adjusted with metal wires or brackets. Orthodontic treatments are applied to both children and adults and provide smile aesthetics.

In orthodontic treatment, braces, brackets and transparent plates with different features are used. Unlike metal braces with their transparent images, ceramic brackets do not attract attention in the mouth. Lingual brackets are placed on the inner surface of the teeth and are not visible. Transparent plates, on the other hand, are plates that are not noticed in the mouth with their transparency and can be easily removed during meal or cleaning.


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