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The alignment of the teeth in the mouth, the frequency or rarity of the alignment, the harmony of the teeth relative to each other, is important for our general health as well as physical appearance. The patient may have speech and digestive system problems, as the teeth are not aligned properly on the jaw, making it difficult to chew and talk. In social life, the patient’s self- confidence may diminish, due to his speech problems and the appearance of his teeth. If problems that require orthodontic treatment, regarding the alignment and the size of long-term untreated teeth are not solved, the patient’s general gum and dental health may also be impaired. Especially the alignment and placement, symmetry and size differences causes difficulties in the daily maintenance of the teeth, and unproper cleaning pose a suitable ground for other gum and dental disorders. The alignment, frequency and rarity of the teeth are adjusted by means of wires, called brackets placed around the tooth. They are made from porcelain or metal. Orthodontic treatments, which are one of the treatments that provide smile aesthetics, are applied for both children and adults.

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