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Our nutrition habits and dental health

Protein, fat, carbohydrate-rich, balanced nutrition is important for the development and health of the human body. Nutrition habits have a positive or negative effect on the health of our teeth.
As it is known, tooth decay is the most important problem that threatens dental health. Dental caries support more acidic and oral environments suitable for the development of bacteria. Starchy, carbohydrate and sugary nutrients increase acid production. Sugar in sugary foods creates environments where bacteria will multiply in the mouth by sticking to the tooth. Therefore, sugar and sugary foods that increase the acid rate, carbohydrate nutrients, lemon, orange, such as hesperides consumption should be conscious. Since the body needs every kind of food, it should be developed on the balanced consumption of foods containing nutrition habits, carbohydrates, sugar, proteins and fats. When consuming high-acidic properties such as chocolate, pasta, lemon, wine and beer, it should be taken care to neutralize the acid with foods containing calcium (cheese, milk).
Because calcium strengthens the bone forming the tooth tissue and neutralizing the acid that damages the tooth enamel, it should be supported by dietary habits, milk and dairy products, foods containing calcium such as lentils.
Because phosphorus is important for dental health, care should be taken for the consumption of fish and milk rich in phosphorus.
Fibrous and harsh foods such as oats, apples, celery, carrots inhibit decay by increasing the saliva secretion and creates a massage effect on the tooth tissue. There is a different view that emphasizes the destructive effect of dense sugar in response to the opinion that the Apple has a positive effect on dental health with its fibrous structure and stiffness. The effect of the Apple’s sugar in the mouth increases the acid rate, balanced with a slice of cheese is compensated.
It is necessary to consume enough water to reduce the destructive effect on the teeth of the acid created by the nutrients that must be consumed in terms of human health and rinse the mouth with plenty of water. Caffeinated and alcoholic beverages are not recommended to consume much because they create dry mouth. However, it is noted that green tea kills intra-oral bacteria and resolves mouth odor.
Caffeinated, alcoholic, sugary and acidic beverages should be consumed with abundant water in the mouth.
To reduce the destructive effect of food on the teeth, oral hygiene and balanced and conscious nutrition should be given importance.

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