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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry takes care of the health of pediatric patients’ primary teeth and permanent teeth. Due to the indulgence of sugary foods, inadequate oral hygiene, and the easily decaying structure of milk teeth, fluoride is applied to the teeth and fissure sealant is used as a preventive treatment. These painless procedures protect children from tooth decay and improve children’s habits of visiting the dentist regularly. The filling, amputation and canal processes are applied to the milk teeth, where the tooth decay has progressed; so that the milk teeth are protected until the permanent teeth appear. Orthodontic problems and finger sucking habits are common complaints of children. For orthodontic problems, the dentist plans the use of the braces by taking into account the child’s age, mouth and jaw structure, and the development of milk and permanent teeth. Since the habit of sucking in children disrupts the structure of the teeth, this situation is taken under control with habit-releasing apparatus with the early diagnosis of the dentists. The children with a lot of action and developing attention skills may cause tooth fractures. If the broken or removed tooth is taken to the dentist by putting it in milk or clean water as soon as possible, restoration of the broken or removed tooth can be done.

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