Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is an important area that supports our teeth to stay in our jaw for a long time including treatments that prevent and control the risks related to dental health.


If tooth decay is not treated, it causes loss of tooth and also of the health of nearby teeth. With the filling treatment, the loss of the decayed tooth and the damage of the surrounding teeth are prevented. Thus, the decayed tooth should be immediately protected by filling treatment. In tooth filling treatment, first of all, the caries of the teeth are cleaned and if necessary, caries detection agents are used to check. The remaining space from the tooth decay tissue is filled with special composite resin fillers in tooth form, to prevent both tooth decay progression and possible infections. Today, filler materials which are compatible with the tooth and the natural appearance of the tooth are used, and they give aesthetically impressive results. Filling is not only a treatment of decayed teeth, but also used in aesthetic dentistry in order to restore broken or deformed teeth. Composite fillings are more aesthetic fillings, that are more compatible with tooth color than amalgam or gold fillings.