Root Treatment (Endodontology)

If tooth decays are not treated for a long period of time, the soft tissue inside the tooth often loses its vitality and patient is faced with the risk of tooth loss. In general, by canal treatment, the dentist tries to ensure the survival of the tooth, at the stage where the tooth loses significant vitality and the patient feels tooth pain, heat sensitivity and bad breath. In fact, root canal treatment is a late intervention. It is a treatment to prevent untreated decayed teeth from leaving an unwanted cavity in the jaw. If a tooth, called as pulp which has lost its internal tissue vitality in a traumatic manner, is not intervened with root canal treatment, the possibility of losing the teeth is very high. Nevertheless; in cases where the pulp still maintains its viability, the dentist cleans the infected jaw area thoroughly and closes the area by the canal treatment, to prolong the life of the tooth’s viable tissue.