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It is a universal desire for people to look young and beautiful. The interest in aesthetics has continued its development for centuries, from prehistoric to today. Facial aesthetic, which remains at the level of speech and eye contact, is  always a crucial topic.

Smile design become more common in the field of dentistry  for the first time with Hollywood smile. Nowadays it has influenced the whole world and  has now taken an important place in dental practice.

In aesthetic dentistry, the front teeth are called as aesthetic zone. Shape, position, color and structure disorders that can cause significant aesthetic concerns in this region are important areas of work for smile design applications.

After a detailed examination supported by taking photos,  learning the expectations and wishes of the patient, all analyzes are evaluated one by one considering the teeth, lips, chin, face harmony and the expectations of the patient, and finally the most appropriate smile design is planned for the patient. For example, if the patient wants to look younger, a treatment is planned that will make the upper cutters appear 2-4mm. If the patient does not have a different expectation, in accordance with the general favour, the front teeth of women are designed round and large, and smaller and sharper in male patients.

It is possible to have healthier, cleaner and aesthetic teeth with smile design applications. Many dentistry applications such as tooth whitening, bonding, porcelain and zirconium coating, laminate veneers, invisalign  implant therapy are included in smile design applications.

“Smile design” applications treat many causes related problems such as color, form, alignment, shape deformation, size mismatches, interdental or tooth loss spaces to provide perfect personized smile aesthetic.

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