Smile Design

In today’s dentistry trends, smile design and smile aesthetics are attracting the greatest attention of the patients. The trend which started with the Hollywood smile, now turned into the design of a personalized smile. There are many factors that determine dental aesthetics. Also, there were many factors threatening the aesthetics of the smile aesthetics, such as tooth color and staining status, tooth loss, diestama (tooth gaps), symmetry and alignment problems which require orthodontic treatment methods, lip asymmetry, symmetry or structural disorder problems of the upper anterior teeth, lip line or gum problems, weakening of the lip muscles, depending on the lack of muscle tone. A smile aesthetic treatment planning is made by firstly determining the smile distorting elements and then by taking the wishes of the patient into consideration. All treatments such as teeth extracting, whitening, filling, canal treatment, zircon, implants, orthodontics, periodontology and surgery are included in the smile design and aesthetics treatment, in accordance with the treatment plan.